Impress on the summary

Your summary is the sales pitch. Ensure that the summary is concise without and grammatical errors. It should contain your skills, value, and personality in one sentence. Your summary determines whether the recruiter will peruse your resume any further. A weak summary is a deal-breaker.

Deal with fluff

Fluff does not make your resume look any better. It will also look like you are trying too hard to impress whereas there is nothing impressive about you. Straightforward short sentences that carry what is relevant will keep the recruiter interested in what you have to offer. Fluff also makes your resume look immature.

Mature contacts

Avoid using weird/funny or immature contact details especially when it comes to emails. Get a serious-looking mail that you can be reached by and use it consistently when it comes to employment and business. Emails like ladiesboy@yahoo or machoman@gmail will not cut it. An address with your name will seem better.

Upgrade your references

Your references will determine how fast you get placement. Improve your references as you go up the ladder by talking to superiors further up the ladder. Impressive references will prove that you are competent, even in the eyes of people that matter. Ensure that the references are all work-related. Notifying your references about the applications will keep them aware just in case the recruiter calls.

Improve design

White space, a good font, and photos where necessary will sell your resume. Ensure you take the time to do some research on professional resumes and their layouts. A good layout is not only easy to read, but also appealing to peruse through.

Have someone else read through it

Having someone read your resume and criticize it is one of the best ways to see it from a recruiter’s view. There are online sources that will provide this service and improve your resume immensely. These are worth a try.

Improve your social media presence

It is essential to note that recruiters are poking into social media. Many people have lost opportunities due to the kind of posts and information they leave online. The internet never forgets. It is also easy to upgrade and improve your information. This includes how you spend your free time. Ensure that you are as professional and interesting as possible.

Work with action verbs

Starting your sentences with verbs creates a more winning resume. Use words such as developed expanded increased and so on. These will ensure that your sentences are shorter, but with more weight. Taking the time to list specifics instead of simple duties will also expand your resume to something more impressive.

Online resources

Using online resources to check on modern resume writing and improvement skills will keep you one step ahead. Trends will keep changing as information and technology evolves. One of the most recent ones is ensuring that your CV or resume is readable on a mobile platform online. This will need you to have a number of versions that are online friends for the recruiters.