Professional Resume can help you stand out from the other job applicants and help you to make a positive impact on the prospective employer.

One cannot underestimate the importance of a professionally written. This is because the first thing which goes into the hand of your prospective employer is your resume and you don’t want to miss a chance of creating a first impression.

Whether you are looking for a new job, looking for a career change or haven’t needed a resume for many years, the process of getting a job interview starts with a resume.

Writing a resume is a skill and it can be a right tool to help you get a job interview.

A professionally written resume can help you stand out from the other job applicants and help you to make a positive impact on the prospective employer.

Today with the help of resume builders it’s possible to avail a professional resume template; you don’t have to build your resume from scratch, instead just focus on resume writing.

There are ample of websites providing free resume templates and they also have many examples of a winning resume which can guide you in numerous ways. So what is actually needed on your resume to impress the recruiter?

The professional resume writing guide can help you with resume writing rules and tips which are outlined below.

Selecting the best format for your resume

Basically, there are three different types of Resume Format which includes

Chronological resume format
Functional or Skill based resume format
Combination resume format

The Chronological resume format is basically ideal for people with years of job experience behind their back. With the help of this format, they can showcase their roles and job description of a number of years very easily.

The functional or a skill based resume format is ideal for those who lack job experience or those who have graduated recently.

Combination resume format is the best option for people who have plenty of job experience and diverse skill set.

Selecting a right format for the resume can be confusing, but if you use a resume builder this task can become really very easy. This is because the resume builder selects the type of format based on the job you are applying for and your experience.

How to select the best layout for your resume?

The first thing which the employer notices about your resume is the layout. The employers can reject your resume if it is unorganized and shabby, it’s boring to read and if it’s too long with filler content. Therefore selecting a resume layout is very important.

Creating a layout for a winning resume was a time-consuming and tedious task. But with the help of the resume builders, this task has become a piece a cake.